Pine Butte Guest Ranch - Day 1

Climbing Pine Butte, and driving around the area.

A view of aspen groves at the ranch.

A Columbian ground squirrel.

Sunset on Saturday, after arriving.

A Northern Harrier flying low looking for food.

The same Harrier.

Last chance outhouse.

Hood's Phlox (Thank you Carol for sending your flower list.)

I do not recall which one this is. It was in the school yard.

Ear Mountain

A Clay-colored Sparrow

A Raven chasing a Golden Eagle.

Miner's Candle?

Pasque Flower after it has gone to seed (there will be pictures of them in bloom later).

Unknown (to me) flower on Pine Butte.

Break for the lunch.

David, Ranch Naturalist, explaining something about the natural history of this place.

Clark's Nutcracker

Another unkown flower.

Fuzzy Tongued Penstemon?

Fuzzy Tongued Penstemon(?) close-up

Death Camas

Downy Painted Cup

It's worth kneeling down to smell this one!

A Sharp-shinned hawk harassing a Merlin.

An inch-long caterpillar.

A Mountain Chickadee.

Gumbo Evening Primrose. The white flowers turn pink after they have been pollinated.

Parry's Townsendia

More Parry's Townsendia.

Is this the Showy Jacob's Ladder?

Howard's Forget-me-not

A close-up of a forget-me-not.

And even closer.

A three-shot panorama.

Wilson's Snipe in flight -- the tail feathers make a wonderful sound that we often heard.

A Raven being chased off after raiding a nest and eating some eggs.

A Vesper Sparrow(?)

A Pronghorn antelope.

Taken out the front of the moving van, from the middle row of seats.

A Long-billed Curlew.

Clouds seen from the ranch in the evening.


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