Pine Butte Guest Ranch - Day 2

The Olsen's Ranch.

A female Mountain Bluebird on her nest box.

Missouri Iris

Horses at the Olsen's Ranch

Blue bells

A Dusky Flycatcher

A Western Tanager

A Lark Sparrow (I couldn't quite get the focus right through the grass).

A male Black-headed Grosbeak

A Bullock's Oriole

Another view of the Bullock's Oriole

A female Black-headed Grosbeak

A Black-capped Chickadee working on a seed.

The Olsen's graciously invited us into their house and served hot drinks on this chilly day, but their neighbors did not seem to be home.

David taking notes on what birds we had seen.

Pronghorn can jump fences, but they choose to duck under them.

Sandhill Cranes


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