Pine Butte Guest Ranch - Day 5

North Fork.

An aspen grove during the birdwalk before breakfast.

Another aspen grove.

Indian Head from the north. Wondering why it is called Indian Head?

Do you see the nose?

Shining Penstemon

The North Fork with beaver dam.

Listening for MacGillivray's Warbler.

Calypso Orchid

A look inside the Calypso Orchid.

A Goshawk distracts us from the Calypso Orchid.

I believe this fire was in 2007?

It cleared a large area and forced the ranch to cancel some programs that year.

Silky Phacelia

Corydalis? A flower that thrives after a burn.

David (ranch naturalist) will know this one...

And this one...

An opalescent beetle.


Close-up of unidentified flower.

Solomon's Plume (aka False Solomon's Seal)

A fossil sand dollar.

Unidentified flower.

Heartleaf Arnica

A tree with burned bark flaking off.

Another tree with bark flaking off.


Aspen colonies grow back from their roots, recovering quickly from fires.

Woodpeckers have been at work on this tree.

A fossil with a finger and ant for scale.

We ate lunch here.

Obscured view of the North Fork.

An unobscured view of the North Fork.

That is an American Dipper nest, hanging under a rock just above the river.

David (Sibley) pointed out this planet (Venus? Top right.) visible in the daylight if you looked in just the right place.

The dusty trail with flowers.

Silky Phacelia about to bloom.

Silky Phacelia starting to bloom.

A closer view of Silky Phacelia in full bloom.

Robins have found a convenient spot for a nest. (Ah, yes, the rare and elusive American Robin).


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