Pine Butte Guest Ranch - Day 6

Yeager Flats and Trail Ride.

Another aspen grove.

Beetle larva tunnels under the bark of a burned tree. The fire on the Yeager Flats trail was seven years ago?

A black bear, seen through the trees.

Aspen bark.

Another type of forget-me-not. Is it Field Forget-me-not?

A Lazuli Bunting.

A White-crowned Sparrow singing.

The trail, with Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

Arrowleaf Balsamroot in full bloom.


A beetle. Green from this angle.

Blue from this angle.

An unidentified flower (until someone reminds me).

A view of Ear Mountain.

Perry's Townsendia

The old remnants of a stump, with knots and old woodpecker holes.

Lunch on Yeager Flats.

Albert and Brady eating lunch (always a good sandwich, thanks to the ranch). Photo by Jeannie Wright.

A bunch of tiny (unidentified) flowers.

The cliff face in the lower part of the photo is Indian Head.

David during the lunch break, watching...what was it? A Raven?

Ken instructing us in the proper way to pose for a picture. You need to pose like a model with attitude.

We didn't take that advice. Many thanks to Ken for taking this photo!

I think this is showy jacob's ladder, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

A Red-tailed Hawk.

David regarding a friendly grasshopper.

Getting the horses ready for a trail ride!

Albert getting settled on Chuck. Notice Albert is not carrying a camera!

Brady on her horse.

Thanks to Jeannie Wright for taking these photos, and to the ranch staff for the trail ride.

Thanks to the ranch staff and to David for the whole week!


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