Taking Beekeeping Lessons! - The first live session

Bees come in a package, with a queen cage. Workers cluster around the queen cage.

Here is a package of bees with the queen cage and sugar water removed.

David shakes the package bees into the hive.

Here is a frame with capped brood, pollen, and nectar.

David demonstrates how docile the bees are if handled properly.

There's the queen!

The second hands-on beekeeping lesson.

The bee yard
The Brookside bee yard during class.

The marked queen
A queen marked with a blue dot.

Bee eggs
Do you see the tiny bee eggs?

Bee emerging
A bee emerging from its cell.

Crowd working the bees
Busy beekeepers.

Busy beekeepers
Looking for drones to practice marking bees.

Honeycomb in the light
Burr comb built between frames that were held apart by the queen cage - held up to the sunlight.

All photographs Copyright 2006 by Albert Hartley.   All images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.