Along the California Coast

Looking up among the redwoods in Butano State Park.

Brady posing with a Coast Redwood. It is common for their base to be partly burned out like this.

Cones of a knob-cone pine. We read that they do not open until there is a fire or the tree dies.

Elephant seals in Ano Nuevo State Park.

They throw sand over themselves as sunblock.

Elephant seals are pretty awkward moving on land.

We kept seeing these on benches and started refering to them as bench lizards. We were not too far off -- they are called fence lizards.

A black phoebe posing.

A western grebe

A train over water on Elkhorn Slough.

A gulf fritillary

A scrub jay

Acorn woodpeckers store acorns in trees

An acorn woodpecker.

A banana slug. That should be the only gross thing pictured here.

A harbor seal taking a break

A diver in the kelp tank at Monterey Bay Aquarium



Otters sleep floating on their backs

Sleeping otters look about as peaceful as it gets

A sea otter swimming in the ocean outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Students watching the otter.

A short time later this cormorant was swept off the rock by a wave. It was fine, but the wing drying went to waste.

The wave also inconvenienced the harbor seal.

This gull does not seem to get the point of the fake owl.

Monarch butterflies slumbering on a cloudy day in Pacific Grove.

Honestly, how do they climb up there?

Brady on the shore along 17-mile drive.

More rock climbers

A ground squirrel

Surf scoters.

It's fun to watch pelicans fishing.

Pelicans under water.

Another pelican diving in.

There must have been quite a school of fish to attract such a frenzy of birds.

Pelicans in a row, plus gull.

The pelicans hold their wings up to dry before trying again.

Coming in for a gentler landing.

The coast along 17-mile drive.

The remains of a cypress.

A view of the coast in Point Lobos State Park.

A black-tailed deer.

A great blue heron.

A view of the ocean as the sun heads into the west.

That's one fluffed out snowy egret. Notice it's big yellow foot.

A snowy egret's wing.

A white-tailed kite hovering.

The same kite hovering.

A white-tailed kite in flight.

Rugged trees.

A sea otter swimming along on its back.

A white-crowned sparrow.

This California Condor(!) was in a redwood just behind our cabin in Pfieffer Big Sur State Park.

Stellar's jays look pretty exotic up close.

Albert had just been talking about how jays helped oaks by carrying lots of acorns in their crop and hiding them elsewhere.

When we saw this one suddenly swallow an acorn into its crop.

Here it is blown up a little.

We saw many red-shouldered hawks throughout the trip.

A curious crow at Napenthe.


The view from Nepenthe. Ahh. So relaxing.

The fog helps you imagine the coast goes on forever.

That's us.

A view from Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park. There is an 80-foot waterfall on the left falling right to the edge of the water.

Part of the falls are in shadow.

The view out the other direction.

The silhouette of a redwood.

A posing Stellar's jay.

This one was trying to pull the cover off a pipe.

The coast in Andrew Molera State Park.

California fuschia.

A walk in Andrew Molera State Park.

Brady looking out to sea.

A crow perched on driftwood on the beach.

A crow in action.

A crow in silhouette.

Two crows.

A native yellow lupin.

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