Cape May, September 2006


With thanks to Mark Garland

A Black-throated Green Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler

A Palm Warbler - known for flicking its tail.
Palm Warbler

Crowds at the hawk watch.
Cape May Hawk Watch

On Thursday we saw many Peregrine Falcons.
Peregrine Falcon

See how pigeons react to the Peregrine at bottom left.
Peregrine and Pigeons

An Osprey with fresh fish.
Osprey with fish

Silhouette of Osprey with fish.
Silhouette of Osprey with fish.

This Bald Eagle stole the Osprey's fish.
Bald Eagle stealing fish from Osprey
This is called kleptoparasitism.

This is a Red-tailed Hawk.
Red-tailed Hawk

And this is a Red-shouldered Hawk.
Red-shouldered Hawk

Here is the best photo I could get of a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
Sharp-shinned Hawk

You can see why these are called Green-winged Teal.
Green-winged Teal

This almost looks like multiple exposures, but it is not.
More Green-winged Teal

Of course there are always the non-native invasive Mute Swans.
Mute Swan

Mark demonstrated how they tag Monarchs to study their movements.
Brushing off scales from Monarch wing

This wing is ready for a tag.
Monarch wing with clear spot

There's the tag.
Applying a tag to a Monarch's wing

Look for these spots to identify the male Monarchs.
Male Monarch identification

Monarchs gather in Cape May for the night, before crossing the Delaware Bay.

Gathering Monarchs
Gathering Monarchs

More Monarchs
More Monarchs

An American Lady.
American Lady

What is this warbler?

A Brown Thrasher keeping an eye on us.
Brown Thrasher

If you say it fast it sounds like Giardia: Gerardia.

A native Morning Glory.
Morning Glory

A Cloudless Sulphur
Cloudless Sulphur

A female Common Yellow-throat Warbler
Female Common Yellowthroat

There were Black-saddlebag dragonflies all over.

A female Great Blue Skimmer
Female Great Blue Skimmer

A female Green Darner - it was vibrating its wings to warm up.
Female Green Darner


Sunset from the end of town.


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