Late May 2005

Let's hear it for May Apples!

Young house sparrow begging for food. May 21, 2005

Mother house sparrow feeding young. May 21, 2005

Young house sparrow preening. May 21, 2005

Cedar waxwing at Black Hill Regional Park. May 21, 2005

Momma wood duck and babies at Black Hill. May 21, 2005

Beaver crossing the lake at Black Hill. May 21, 2005

Cormorant on a tree stump at Black Hill. May 21, 2005

Loons in late May at Black Hill! May 21, 2005

Graduation celebration. May 22, 2005

The Graduate! May 22, 2005

All photographs Copyright 2005 by Albert Hartley.   Even the larger images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.