The Beach, The Reunion, and the Memorial


Here are a few photos from the beach - of course I am always taking pictures of birds.

A Green Heron in flight

A Green Heron acting short.

A Green Heron acting tall.

There goes the Green Heron.

Dad and Brian going fishing.

Dad and Brian going fishing early.

Yes, it's gross. That is a Turkey Vulture. The cool thing is that the fish was a Baracuda.

Tern about to dive.

I spent more time talking than photographing at the reunion.

One of the few people shots I took at the reunion.

Sunset over the Chowan River.

We got to the cemetary for the memorial quite early, so I spent some time looking at the flowers and wildlife.

The dogs needed to get out of the car.

A Monarch at the edge of the cemetary.

A Viceroy imitating the Monarch.

The memorial.

Glenn, Louise, and Mary

Dorothy and Caleb.

Sunglasses mandatory.

An Egret flies over the cemetary.

All photographs Copyright 2006 by Albert Hartley.   All images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.