Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Early June 2007

Grandfather Mountain, with suspended bridge.


The bridge

Elizabeth and Lucy

Brady and Lucy

The Lees

Bald eagle

Elizabeth enjoys the front porch.

View of that same front porch.

Brady walking around the lake.

Ducklings swimming around the lake.

Duckling running over lily pads.

Another duckling.

Flame Azalea

This was in Elizabeth's room.

Mountain Laurel

Little waterfall

A nice place to stop along the Boone Fork trail.


Elizabeth & Brady

Canada Warbler

The same Canada Warbler

A millipede

A dragonfly in flight

Below the Lake Chetola dam.

Morning at Bear Lake.

Bright cloudy day.


Many more lilies

Another view of the manor house.

An older duckling

Lake view

Elizabeth and Hovey reunited

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