Summer Wildflower Identification

With thanks to Melanie and all of the other students for putting up with the photographer!  

Comus Inn cat, with Chicory

The other cat, with more Chicory

Bee on Chicory

Another insect enjoying the Chicory

Chicory without any insects.

Deptford Pink

A Monarch on Milkweed

A Hummingbird Moth feeding from Milkweed

Moth Mullein


Indian Tobacco

Saint Johns Wort

Samaras (fruit) of an Ailanthus tree

Butter and Eggs

Swamp Milkweed


Teasle with one band (not from field trip)

Teasle with two bands (not from field trip)

The rest are more about animals than wildflowers:

Bee with pollen baskets full

Lesser Milkweed Bug

A Cabbage White butterfly, but what is the flower?

Milkweed Longhorn

Female Tiger Swallowtail (Black form) - only the females have the black form

Lady Bug on Catnip

Tailed Blue on Clover

Can you see the standard, wings, and keel of the clover flower?

Salamander with small gills

That is Horse Nettle in the background

A Fritillary butterfly

A Praying Mantis

A Green Heron

Immature male Eastern Pondhawk

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All photographs Copyright 2006 by Albert Hartley.   All images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.