Albert and Brady's 2007 Archive


A Sulphur butterly at Black Hill.

Milkweed seeds at Black Hill.

June 9th biology field trip to Huntley Meadows.
Various April and May Photos, 2007. Especially dragonflies.
Trillium! ANS trip lead by Stephanie; May 13, 2007

Grass flower. Have you looked closely at switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)?
With thanks to Laura.

These two are from the same picture, just cropped differently.

Albert had a solo show at Brookside Gardens early in 2007.
There was a show with three of Albert's photos - August 6th to September 1st - at VisArts in Rockville, MD.

Three Chipping Sparrows visited our feeder.

Is It Winter/Is It Spring?

Early April 2007

The Box Elder may be in bloom and leafing out, but winter is not surrendering yet.

The Trout Lily is not too happy with the weather.

The Cut-leaf Toothwort seems to agree.

But the Blue Bells seem fine.

These were all taken along Rock Creek in the boundary bridge area.

This Christmas Fern is ready for Spring.

Albert took a walk near Pennyfield Lock in the afternoon.

And he saw these Dutchman's Breeches.

Some signs of Spring!

Late March 2007

A Song Sparrow among Crocus flowers.

An American Toad among Crocus flowers.

Spring Beauties are in bloom.

Blood Root is also in bloom.

Blue Bells will bloom very soon.

Butterflies like this Eastern Comma are active.

And once again, hurray for Mayapples! These are just emerging.

A few birds:

A Red-winged Blackbird in flight.

A pair of Black Vultures out Albert's window at work.

This shot is grainy, but it still proves we saw the Red-headed Woodpecker.


This open pit mine is a short drive from Albert's office in Rockville:

From here you can only see half-way down.

Do you see where the conveyors go into a tunnel near the top right? That is where the first picture above was taken.

Here's the whole group.

There were Red-shouldered Hawks circling and calling.

Here is another shot of a Red-shouldered Hawk.

What is that??

It's the rock grinder. It's made of steel.

Here is a rock sample. Is that Serpentinite?

Here is another rock sample.

The people in this photo are not half-way to the far wall. There is a pond beyond and below them.

We caught a glimpse of the pond on the drive out.

A few birds in the first snow of the year. Sunday, January 21st, 2007

White-throated Sparrow, a winter visitor

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

Here are some from Blackwater NWR in January 2007.

All photographs Copyright 2007 by Albert Hartley.   Even the larger images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.