Albert and Brady's Archive


Going chronologically into the past:

Black Hill in December 2011 / Ten Mile Creek
The annual ANS Advanced Dragonfly Identification field trip, July 2011
A caterpillar field trip with ANS.

Galapagos and Ecuador Wildlife!

The Galapagos exceeded our expectations.
I have combed through thousands of photos from our trip. Never fear, there are links to four pages with the top picks:

One with just 20 pictures covering a few of the highlights
One with more pictures from the cloud forest on the western slope of the Andes
One with even more pictures from the Galapagos!
One with seven panoramas from the Galapagos, stitched together from multiple pictures. Be sure to scroll to the right on the image pages.

All the pictures within a set are in chronological order. The ones on the highlight page are repeated on the more detailed pages. You can click on the first image in a set and use the "next" button to go through them all, or just view individual photos that interest you from the index pages.

Spring Wildflowers at Carderock
On the Eve of Spring, 2011

The belated Heartwell Christmas gathering, December 29, 2010

Making tofu, October 2010

Wreckage at Brookside, July 2010

A ceremony for Mira (Brady's niece)

The first two field trips for Spring Wildflower Identification.

April 2010 - MORE Spring along the Potomac, with Fox kits!
April 2010 - Spring along the Potomac
March 2010 - Signs of Spring

Birding at Blue Mash
Brookside Nature Center's Maple Sugar Festival, 2010
We visited the zoo to say goodbye to Tai Shan.

This cardinal has an eye on you.

The Blizzard of 2009

Luna and her reflection. Enjoying the sun the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Brady and I visited a wolf sanctuary near Lancaster, PA
Three photos from the reception, after the wedding of Brady's 2nd cousin, Peggy.
We all had fun at Stephen and Maya's Wedding

Robert W. Hartley, 1927-2009

Before going to Montana, we joined Brady's family in the mountains of Virginia for a long Memorial Day weekend.

Albert & Brady are back from Montana (see three introductory photos below).
If you are ready for the long day-by-day version of the Pine Butte Ranch photos, start here, or with these links to specific days:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
Albert will post a shorter overview with just the best from those pages soon.
The Pine Butte Ranch is owned by the Nature Conservancy.

Photos from Glacier National Park will be posted here soon.

The view from Pine Butte across the swamp preserve toward Ear Mountain.

A Bullock's Oriole seen from the Olsen's house.

A Spruce Grouse, on cue.

Lunar eclipse, February 20, 2008.


Late February 2009
Maple Sugar Festival 2009

February 2009
Christmas 2008
Blue Mash, 2008
West Virginia Highlands, 2008
Various photos from the summer of 2008
Vacation with the Lees near New Paltz, NY, 2008.

Here are some photos from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Toady (about the size of a golf ball).

A few 2008 photos taken before Puerto Rico.


Brown Creeper.

Blood root.

Red-tailed hawk in silhouette.

American toad singing.

I think this is a Cobra clubtail dragonfly.

California Central Coast, Fall 2007
A visit from a red-shouldered hawk.
Albert helped a little with this big convention.
Blowing Rock, NC -- June 2007
A special gallery
Pictures from Damascus, Virginia and environs. Memorial Day weekend, 2007.
Various pictures from 2007.
Trinidad & Tobago Pictures!
Here are some Lee Christmas photos.
A single photo of comet McNaught from 2006.
Click here for some pictures from Hawk Mountain and Waggoner's Gap.
With thanks to Elizabeth for taking care of Luna in Carlisle.
Here is Luna.
Here are some photos from the Audobon trip to Cape May, NJ.
Here are the best of the photos from Brady and Albert's vacation in Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
Here are a few photos from Albert's trip to the beach, the family reunion, and the memorial.
Photos from the first field trip for Summer Wildflower Identification.
Photos from the second wildflower field trip.
Our beloved dog, Zach.
June and July 2006 wildlife
April and May 2006 - with a slight empasis on baby birds.
Mid-April Weekends 2006
Signs of Spring 2006
Beekeeping Classes
Various photos from late 2005 and early 2006
Patricia and Etienne's son is home - Click here to see Theo!
November and Early December 2005
Early Fall 2005
Early June Wildlife 2005
5th Anniversary Weekend
Late May 2005
Early May Wildlife 2005
The Zoo on May 1, 2005
Mid April Wildlife 2005
Early April Wildlife 2005
Wildlife - March 2005
Sandhill Cranes!
Photos from ANS workshop on Vanishing Vernal Pools.
Open Sesame.
Click here for pictures from Christmas in Roanoke and Chartlottesville.
Click here for pictures from Bombay Hook - the snow goose extravaganza.
We did the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk October 7th.
If you want more info go here:
Pictures from the raptor volunteer training at the CBEC.
Pictures from Proal and Susie's 50th birthday.
Here are many miscellaneous pictures from 2004.
Here are our Oregon pictures!
Christmas and Winter, 2003-2004.
Pictures from the Grand Canyon and Sedona, October 2003.
Various pictures from the summer of 2003.
Wooden screen Albert built and painted for Brady's birthday, etc.
Geese just outside my window at work.
Spring in Charlottesville.
Pictures of Patricia & Etienne's wedding.

All photographs Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007 by Albert Hartley.   Even the larger images here are reduced, so if you want an electronic copy or reprint please contact Albert.